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Sat-Nav - CD Read Errors

EnzoS4 May 24, 2006

  1. EnzoS4

    EnzoS4 Member

    Hi all

    Need some advice from you guys...

    I have the Bose system with Sat-Nav on A4 B5. I updated the Sat CD back in Jan 06 but recently I have started to get CD READ ERRORS, I put the original Sat CD back in and got as many read errors.

    I had the new Sat CD exchanged, either the replacment or the original CD, I am still getting CD READ ERRORS...?

    I get the errors maybe once or twice every 2 days, but when I need the Sat-Nav the error message is displayed always at the wrong time...

    Question - have any of you had this issue and resolved it, if so how.

    I remember reading somewhere that this is a known issue and changing the CD fixes it, but in my case this did not work..? suggestion please, before I take it to Audi or replace/upgrade...?

    I have disconnected the unit and re-connected the following day, still getting the read errors...

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