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Same old fitting Eibach ARB based questions....

Dave_Bayern Feb 28, 2007

  1. Dave_Bayern

    Dave_Bayern Slipping at 3.5Krpm

    I’ve just received my Eibach ARB Kit and my normal guy is busy so I can’t ask him to do it for ages yet. However at the same time I need to replace my front strut and get the broken one sent back for refund under warranty.

    So I thought if I’m gonna have the car up on stands changing a strut, why not do the ARB’s at the same time.

    Then I noticed Eibach don’t include a set of fitting instructions of any sort.

    So far I have googled, searched CGTI, Vortex, UK MKIV’s and SeatCupra.

    This has brought up some generic instructions for Neuspeed bars, lots of people complaining that Eibachs are hard to fit and this one link:


    Now, that’s all well and good but I know the Mk4 platform differs in that the front subframe on an Audi/Golf should drop down without issue as it does not hold the gearbox as in the case of the Ibiza.

    The diagram here about how the rear clamps goes on just seems confusing, which is there a picture of the original roll bar on there, the Mk4 doesn’t have one..That said, the rear looks a lot easier than the front to fit.


    So does anyone have a Mk4 based guide on how to properly fit the Eibach ARB kit, and should I watch out for anything particular, I noticed the Eibachs make use of the original subframe mounts, whereas the Neuspeed kit includes new droplinks.

    I’m assuming its not the hardest thing in the world but I have seen comments from experienced forum members saying they fitted the front one upside down, what’s the easiest way to avoid this?

    Anyone got any useful information to impart before I spend the weekend having a bad attitude regarding cars? ;-)
  2. HTC

    HTC Active Member

  3. S3Steve

    S3Steve Active Member

    Should be quite an easy job mate, I had the subframe/anti roll bar etc off my mates S3 at the weekend while changing his clutch and flywheel.The Subframe is mounted to the car with four bolts, you'll need to remove the dogbone mount to drop it(this is the only part bolted between subframe and gear box)there is then two bolts each side bolting the steering rack to the subframe, and the two lower wishbone bolts each side and of course the anti roll bar to strut links to reomove. The subframe then just drops down(just be careful not to damage the power steering hardlines) complete with ARB ready for changing. As long as you make a note of the way the old one comes off you shoulnt have any probs fitting the new one, hope thyis helps(dont think ive missed anything).

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