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Samco TIP

d18ony Apr 6, 2008

  1. d18ony

    d18ony Donnie Mac

    Hi all

    I just bought a samco tip off ebay. It was advertised as to fit an audi tt, but i was under the impression that it would fit my s3 aswell. Of course now ive received it, i dont think it is the same as an s3 one. Can anyone confirm this, as Ive looked at heaps of pictures of them on the net, and they all look different! Are the pre facelifts different to the post facelifts?

    Thanks Guys

  2. Wingnut Express

    Wingnut Express Audi sponsored by Mastercard

    I bought the one for the BAM engine code (tt/s3) and that fitted on my AMK engine, but I think it depends if you have air con or not.

    IMO the best thing might be to just take your old one off and line it up against it, if it looks the same side by side then try to fit it, but if it does not don't fit as you may not be able to return it

    Good luck
  3. jesters3

    jesters3 Active Member VCDS Map User

    I've got a Samco TIP for a BAM engine with ESP. I believe that some pre facelifts S3's did not have esp and there is not a hose out there at present, therefore modification of the ESP one is needed to make it fit. Found this on the TT forum:

    I had the same problem with fitment issues when I tried to do this mod last year. I have an early 2001 model without the ESP. I was not able to find a TIP that would fit and eventually gave up. You are correct, the fitment of the hose openings (for the Forge/Samco TIP atleast) are completely different than what is OEM on my car. TTstuff told me that some owners have been able to make modifications to allow the aftermarket TIPs to fit non-ESP cars but I didn't see how that could easily be done.

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