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  1. amb276s3

    amb276s3 bird spotter

    cant make my mind up whether or not saddam should have lived or hung, after all before he was captured he seemed to keep his people in line even if they were terrified of him, who cares, if it kept them quiet....
    or when he was found should a grenade have been dropped down the hole, that would have saved a lot of fuss....
    or have him hung and see what happens next, will we now be a even bigger target for terrorists?, i dont think many iraqis living here supported him, its just the members of the sleeper cells that are over here may just kick off, just have to keep an eye on the news i suppose...
  2. pea.

    pea. Member

    I don't think he should have been hanged,
    Banged up in an undignified sh!tty way for the rest of his pathetic life,
    I feel like this was the easy way out for him and now to a few freaks he'll be a martyr
  3. voorhees

    voorhees Moderator Staff Member Moderator Team V8 Audi S5 s tronic

    you know what after all the **** the allies have had I believe they should of put him back in charge then they would of known how well off they were
  4. unkle

    unkle Beer God

    Most Iraqis in the UK are affluent and are here (in the UK) mainly because they opposed him, its a good guess that if there are any 'sleeper cells' in this country they would be British Citizens.

    As for Saddam, he was a brutal tyrant who had two saddistic sons that murdered thousands of his own people over the years and he deserved to die but life for Iraqis was a lot better under him that it is at the moment, the Americans screwed it up big time after the war had finished and wasted a lot of goodwill in the country.

    I spent a lot of time over there as part of my job, I had an interpreter and an odd job guy working for me that were both brothers, the odd job guy told me a story that happened days after the Americans had entered Baghdad and Saddams statue had been toppled, during Saddams time if you stole anything of any worth you were normally serverly punish, sometimes even executed depending on what it was and who it belonged to. On his street all the headmen of the familys had lived under Saddams reign and nobody locked their cars and most even left the keys inside them as car theft in this neighbourhood was unheard of, the night after the statue went down nearly every car in his neighbourhood was stolen except his, when I asked him why they didnt take his he replied "because I driving shitty opel corsa!"

    (death for car thieves would be a potential vote winner for the Tories I think)
  5. dickys3

    dickys3 Moderator Staff Member Moderator

    I watched the news today and although he was a murdering *******, I don't think he should have been hung.

    Its probably just my nice streak shining through, thinking nobody should be hung in this day and age..
  6. A3simon

    A3simon Active Member

    Im currently in kuwait and the celebrations have been interesting to say the least. Lots of guns going off and **** like that
  7. Darthvader

    Darthvader "The Darkside"

    A few points,

    Yes i think he should haved faced a death penalty, due to the callous way he carried out executions.

    I Fail to understand why the americans are celebrating as it was Al-Quieda that brought the Twin Towers down, not saddam. Was this a 2nd prize due to the fact they cant find the real target???

    They never found any Weapons of Mass Destruction, says it all really!!!

    *These opinions are of my own thinking, i'm in no way press or military related.*
  8. silver75

    silver75 Big Ron

    IMO he should have been executed... 2 years ago. The fact he was kept alive all that time helped to inflame the situation
  9. fallmonk

    fallmonk Turbo Sport

    Am with silver 75, they should have killed him when the caught him , while he was alive he still gave hope and a figure head to the remaning bathist party members in hiding , normal Iraqis who celibrated his down fall will be able to live without reprisals from him at least , i have no doubt there will be blood shed because of it but is that any differant from wot happend last week or the week before ?????
    IF there is any hope of coming out of this with any dignaty they really need to work on there "hearts and minds" policy something the Americans have badly overlooked ,possibly some thing the british troops have had a bit more luck with.
    We just need to look a bit further back in history , look at Germany in 1945 ! get the people on your side and it will SLOWLY sort its self out
  10. Just Plain Old

    Just Plain Old Active Member

    I would say that the Germany of 1945 and Iraq 2006 are totally incomparable....... In many, many ways!

    And yes the murdering old duffer deserved what he got, I have no problem with hanging those that deserve it......... The long term solution....?? I don't know,,, maybe the breakup of Iraq??
  11. Onlyme

    Onlyme Member

  12. Darthvader

    Darthvader "The Darkside"

    we have 7 hours to go buddy...lol

    are you around the planet, say China to be celebrating at the mo??
  13. silver75

    silver75 Big Ron

    IMO this is the best solution not just in Iraq but over here as well..

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