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sachs clutch

s3ilver Mar 28, 2006

  1. s3ilver

    s3ilver New Member


    There are a couple of different plates for the S3 does anybody know what the differences are and which would be best for normal road use?
  2. I've just had a Sachs clutch fitted. Not sure on the name but its the 4 paddle one supplied by AMD. Also had the OEM pressure plate and needed a new fly wheel so went also for the OEM replacemnet.

    Initialy i though it felt a bit harsh but i think that was down to the fact that i was so used to a badly worn clutch. Now i think it feels just right. Can still carry out silky smooth gear changes, very easily, when driving steady but when you want to make a quick start from stand still it feels nice and sharp. Generaly, my gear changes now feel loads better- felt quite notchy before but with the new clutch it feels like a new gear box.
  3. Ryanc

    Ryanc Active Member

    I had the sachs one fitted with a uprated pressure plate??

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