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S8 smells Fuel...??!!!

s8_boyz Oct 9, 2007

  1. s8_boyz

    s8_boyz New Member

    hello everybody,, as im new to the forum.. i need your help.. please..

    I have an 1998 Audi S8 4.2 V8 Quattro

    --- Problems ---

    After the full service to my Audi, the replacement was:
    the fuel pump + fuel filter + some other parts... :w00t:

    When I drive it a harder than i drive usually..
    I have recently noticed that inside the car , it smells fuel everywhere.. specially in th trunk..??:think: :think:

    As I told by an Audi users must replace the petrol cap, & i did..

    but it still the same problem...??!! :keule: :confused: :puke2:
  2. GeorgieMcC

    GeorgieMcC Member

    Who did the work? There are seals to be replaced when refitting the feul pump...

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