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s8 questions

mad max Apr 10, 2007

  1. mad max

    mad max sixth gear

    hi chaps usually reside in the s3 section but always admired the s8 what a flagship.have a couple of questions for you what sort of mileage do you get.has anyone had there car converted to lpg.and what sort of damage for the average service:icon_thumright:
  2. nbowles

    nbowles New Member

    Hi mate,

    I run a 2000 MY S8 on LPG, for my normal driving on A and B roads I see about 200-220 miles from £26-£28 worth of LPG. This equates to arounr 18mpg.
    Let loose on the motorway and plodding along I can get up to 26mpg, tried it, achieved it, got fed up with caravans overtaking me!
    Servicing is not too bad, you pay a bit more per hour but get a dedicated technician trained for the S8's, there are obviously more plugs and bits to check than other models.
  3. n9551217

    n9551217 New Member

    Hi Nige

    I have been thinking of an LPG conversion too. From your calculations I should save about £50 per tank! Sounds good. What conversion would you recommend if any?

    Tony 98 S8 with 184000 miles on clock and still runs great!
  4. Simon_S8

    Simon_S8 New Member

    New owner of the weaker 340bhp S8 (using 98 ron) and I've only gone through 2 tanks so far, but with a mostly moderate right foot and in auto - only the occassional kickdown or burst of tron madness - I'm getting a consistent 21mpg on average. Looking at the instantaneous reading its probably slightly better on motorways - but the manuals 25mpg @ 85mph is probably aspirational. Not done any long enough motorway journeys to be more accurate.

    Its much better than I was expecting - about the same as I got from my S2 and actually much better than the 3.6 V8 (400 tonne forerunner to the A8) that I had before that.
  5. Pimpster

    Pimpster Rolling Thunder...

    Are there any buying guides on these? I.e. things to look for, model history etc etc.... also, when did they change from 340bhp to 360bhp?
  6. johnb

    johnb New Member

    mine regularly does 28 -30 on a 550 mile round trip with the family of 5 and luggage at 75-80 and sometimes a little more. the round town mixed consumption is 21.6 and thats not at a snails pace.if you absolutely cane it you can get it down to 16 but you have to try hard to get that.its not really an economy car but to get that level of refinement and safety you cannot expect metro fuel consumption.it is a car designed for comfort and reserves of safety.jb

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