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s8 gearbox in safe mode

goldengoose Sep 21, 2007

  1. goldengoose

    goldengoose New Member

    hi guys, i have an s8 4.2 quattro and my gearbox has gone into safe mode or limp home mode, has anyone else come across tis and could you tell me what i need to be thinking about in terms of repair costs, thanks in advance for any replies...............nicky:sorry:
  2. AWedder999

    AWedder999 New Member


    I have developed the same problem, but it is intermittent.

    Audi main dealer took £500 off me for saying that the cover box was cracked and was allowing in moisture - they replaced the box and since thin I get the Safe Mode everytime the car is started, After running it for a few minutes and trying several more times it usually comes right and is perfectly drivable, until the next time it has stood for a while - then, same routine all over again.

    Having looked under the bonnet I do see that there is always a lot of condensation on the lower surface of the bonnet...

    Have drained the wheel arch tubes and made sure that the main drains under the aircon intake box are clear - they are.

    Audi now want £1,100 for a new ECU for the Gearbox, but cannot promise that this will fix the problem.

    Otherwise, the car at 55K miles is perfect, but I am forming an opinion that I should dump it and get something else, as the forums are full of electronic problem issues and people are saying that these are a one way street to losing money...

    Any bright ideas out there for this 1st time user of this website community?

  3. SiliconS

    SiliconS Member

    The tiptronic gearbox on my '99 A6 has dropped into limp-home mode about five times in the last year since I bought the car. Nobody has been able to diagnose the problem, but turning off the engine and restarting always clears the condition so it's not a major inconvenience. It always happens for me at walking/manoeuvering speed after a 30 minute journey. Naturally it's completely random and impossible to reproduce in front of a technician. Next time it happens I'll drive home and plug it into VAG-COM and see what that says.

    I've read reports on other forums that a change of gearbox oil has solved the problem for some people. I had the oil changed in April and the 'box has only tripped out once since then so I guess it might have helped. It's not a cheap fix though but might be worth a go?

    Goldengoose, you don't say whether your gearbox is stuck in limp-home mode permanently or whether the problem is intermittent and can be reset with the ignition. If it's stuck in that mode then a diagnosis might be more straightforward. Intermittent, random problems are more difficult.
  4. mazzy

    mazzy Member

    It maybe the speed sensor on the gearbox, this can cause it to go into limp mode. They may have not connected it properly when they did the box.

  5. donvas

    donvas New Member

    First you need to get it tested with some kind of VAG tester,and see if water has collected inside the E BOX in the engine bay....
  6. Siena

    Siena Active Member

    Cheapest option is to convert the S8 to a 5 or 6 speed manual. I've never been a fan of automatic transmissions that have "brains".

    I've successfully converted a '99 3.7 quattro sport to manual, after expensive transmission failure.

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