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S6 Wheels

rustyd Feb 24, 2011

  1. rustyd

    rustyd New Member

    Can people help please... I am finding a lot of conflicting information.

    I have bought an S6 recently, 2000 reg but it has black lambo replica wheels which are not to my taste. I would like some standard S6 or RS6 wheels but do not know what size to get.

    I think I need 18 255 35 tyres so what is the best wheel width and offset?

    There are a lot of 8J wheels around but I cant help thinking the standard size is wider??

    Any help apreciated.
  2. stimpy

    stimpy Member

    According to Etka to correct wheels size, offset for your car is 8j x18H2 ET 43 5/112

    on the RS6 the sizes and off set is all wrong for your car. They use ET's on 18" 20 & 30. On 19"'s they use ET 35.

    i have a A6 sport quattro, i managed to get some 18" sline wheels with an ET of 43 to fit nicely. i had to 255x40's to clear the upper wishbones. this also keeps the rolling radius close to the original spec.
    you can safely +/- 3 mm on the offset.

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