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S6 V10 - handling upgrade ideas?

Gunner Bill Jan 21, 2013

  1. Gunner Bill

    Gunner Bill New Member

    It's not that there's anything wrong with the suspension, I am sure it's doing what the factory designed it to but...

    It's a bit hard/bouncy over some of the tighter and "lumpier" roads near us. It's not like it's going to loose traction (heavens no!) but it doesn't inspire confidence.

    I have this idea that one or both of the two following things may improve matters:

    1) These KWS coilovers with adjustable rebound/compression - properly set up.
    KW coilover Variant 3 /// With adjustable compression and rebound dampening.

    2) Decent lightweight alloy wheels. Although I don't know how much the standard Audi fitments weigh just yet.

    Any thoughts, perhaps I'm asking too much?
  2. ChrisFurlong

    ChrisFurlong Avantageous

    I'd say either those KW V3's, or Koni FSDs w/ H&R Springs. The Koni/H&R option would be cheaper, and you could spend the rest on a set of H&R front and rear anti rollbars. That's what I would do. I would only go for the KW's if you want to lower the car much further than stock. The H&R springs should give you something like a 10mm drop (I think, don't quote me on that), which doesn't sound like a lot but would make a huge difference to the way it looks.
  3. The_Golfather

    The_Golfather Member

    H&R do a 15/20mm kit which is an improvement but not massive and relatively inexpensive.

    KW do an adjustable spring kit (no shocks) which knocks off about 40mm at its "highest" setting, or you go for a fuly adjustable kit for more outlay, coupled with ARBs for tighter handling.

    The standard set up is not great, hard ride, crashy at times and average handling.
  4. Stuno1

    Stuno1 Member

    Are the eibachs any good?
  5. The_Golfather

    The_Golfather Member

    I'd say H&R and Eibach are on par

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