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S6 transmission codes

simo79 Sep 16, 2011

  1. simo79

    simo79 New Member

    Hi people.

    My name is Simon and i am a newbie to this forum. I have recently managed to get my hands on an S6 (c5).

    The first proBlem i have to sort is the auto box on it. The current box i beleive has failed in the common way. it doesnt select first, so when you hold it at about 200rpm it ingages a high gear and uses the torqu converter until its up to speed. i ave been told its something to do with the clautch a setup.

    So i have been researching the zf5hp24a and found out its used in other v8 audis. the problem i am having is to do with the three digit code that have been assigned to the boxes for the different cars. In mine the code is EFN, which i beleive was then superseeded by the FBG. I have found an S8 transmission that is and FBG and was wondering if that would fit straight in.

    As far as i have researched the gear ratios are all the same and have contacted Audi to ask what the different codes refer to, but they were unwilling to divulge info.

    Does anyone know what the codes refer to and which ones would fit in a straight box swap.

    I was hopeing to aquire a box and just swap them out.

    Any info or pointers in the right dirrection would be super appreciated.

    ZF wanted £2500 plus vat for a rebuilt, dont want that route if i can help it, and thats not includung taking the box out.



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