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S6 Purchase or E39 M5

jq_quint Mar 11, 2010

  1. The Slug

    The Slug Active Member

    Yes maybe ur completely right.... I never did buy that Ferrari spyder, at 15mpg :p
  2. jq_quint

    jq_quint Member

    lol... :lmfao:

    now now..
  3. JonnoS6

    JonnoS6 1st Gear VCDS Map User

    I've been running my C5 S6 Avant for 4 1/2 years now. 85,000, will try to get another 40-50k.
    The faster you go the faster it get faster ;-) 344 normally aspirated bhp.
    Not many about.
    British winters ... well the last 2 years anyway. Your M5 will be STUCK in the 2.5cm snow drift on your drive.
    See one in the mirror you know instantly it's something more than the stock A6... low & wide
    Come up behind one you know instantly it's something more than the stock A6 ... size 255 boots instant giveaway
    Equipment ***** get some of the guys here to put OEM bluetooth & DVD Satnav (the RNS-e) in it or DIY I did it so it can't be hard.
    Tiptronic gives you choice.
    4.2 V8... there's no replacement for displacement.

    18mpg rural a-b roads, 21-2mpg motorway. You dont have 344BHP & not use them.
    Tiptronic = torque converter = a little lag from idle if looking for gaps to pull into @ junction exit & roundabouts... you get used to it.
    £1000 per year up keep

    Glad I bought it, if given my time again I would buy it again.

    You know you want to. ;-)

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