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S6 Door Blades

S6 LeMans Nov 12, 2010

  1. S6 LeMans

    S6 LeMans S6 LeMans Man

    Just wondered if anyone has ever fitted these to their A6 at all?

    Came across them on ebay - of al places!

    They describe them as:- see Item number: 260667503909

    OEM Audi S6 Door Blades SET of 4 pieces fits:

    - Audi A6/S6 C6/4F models (2005-2010)
    • Brand new
    • Genuine OEM Audi part
    • No cheap after market product
    • High quality part Made In Germany.
    • SET of 4 door blades
    • Easy and fast to fit by everybody.
    • Black and paintable

    [​IMG] They fit on the lower edge of each door on the S6 - standard S6 fittment.

    Any thoughts :ermm:
  2. S6 LeMans

    S6 LeMans S6 LeMans Man


    My local dealer has just informed me they can supply / fit these for £645 inc VAT OUCH
  3. martyn brooks

    martyn brooks New Member

    hi i have fitted some i bought of ebay on my 2004 c5 model.i had to have them painted but when i got them back just open your doors and at very bottom there are two small star scews at each end of doors just unscew them and slide the blades towards rear of car and out they come? just clean with t cut and polish where grime has collected underneath ..and fitting new is reverse of above .took about ten minutes each door ...hope this helps
  4. LeeT

    LeeT Member

    i'll be selling some c5 S6 door blades from my car soon if anyones interested? Not sure what they are worth though??

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