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S6 Air-con 'flap' problem

virtual-1 Jun 6, 2007

  1. virtual-1

    virtual-1 New Member


    I have an S6 4.2 (2000) and behind the main air con controls and nav/stereo there is a 'flap' of some sort that flicks open and shut. This, I believe, adjusts automatically depending on what speed you are doing. However, mine sometimes goes into manic hyperactive mode and randomly flicks on and off (sounds like an indicator relay but louder) this can get to a crazy point where I have to turn up the stereo quite loud to drown it out. The Audi garage casually said that it is an inherant problem with many of the A4,A6 and S6 models and that I should just put up with it!!

    Any ideas??

    Also (just a general enquiry) I have new brake pads on the rear and they have been squealing (only in reverse) for about 2 months now!! I thought they would break in much quicker than that. The dealer says that they don't use asbestos in the pads anymore and use iron? and that is why they will always squeal - is this true??
  2. PlebbyChris

    PlebbyChris Complete Pleb

    Firstly. I don't know that my A6 has a problem with anything in the main centre console, everything works as it should so I wouldn't accept his answer. The only noise I ever get at speed is from the degraded window sills which I hopefully will get round to replacing.

    Asbestos is a big no no for pretty much everything these days (bloody hippies). A squeal would usually indicate that they need replacing, but it could just be that when in reverse the discs are going against the grain that the pads have made. It may go over time but I don't think there's really much you'll be able to do about it (except oiling the discs, could create braking problems though).

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