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S6 (06-) vs M5 SMG (05-)

paulgalpin Nov 2, 2008

  1. paulgalpin

    paulgalpin New Member

    Ok, so we have just entered a tunnel called recession, noone knows how long the tunnel is. Petrol prices in the last 6 months reached record highs (albeit reducing again for now). The housing market is freefalling, banks have no money. New car sales are at their lowest level for decades and the used price of anything that produces more than about 180g/km of CO2 appears to be hurting. And the world in general has a cold.

    ..So, seems like a perfect time to consider buying a serious piece of automotive engineering, that sticks two fingers up to the environment and will only help the value of the portfolio of shares I hold in BP and Shell.

    Currently I own an A6 2.7TDI which I had Upsoluted to about 215BHP and 440nm of torque. Nice and 48mpg to boot. However, I have an impairment - it's called a penis, only smaller. Consequently, I need to do better with my phallic mode of transport....and accommodate my family.

    I am drawn to S6 and that motor...oh that motor. Anyone have one and care to give me a view like:

    1. What is the realistic MPG to expect - I'm thinking about 18 in real life - Everyone knows that the published combined is the stuff of Tolkein.
    2. Ownership - what's it like? Does it really rock like it looks?
    3. Should I really buy the Beemer? - probably the wrong site for that question!!
    4. Am I mad?

  2. maxlbrown

    maxlbrown Deep Blue

    your certainly not mad no idea on the other stuf but what the hell buy it any way they seriously rock with the usual audi issues which you already familiar with. most common upgrade seems to be brake pads or disks as well.

    Probably nothing wrong with stock but hey why not pay 1oo+ for a set of pads cause there pretty and green (insert penis joke here).

    Awesome car completely waste din the UK

    Between an M% and a S6 umm M5 but an RS6 thats a different kettle of fish. RS6 all the way.

    Good luck


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