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  1. Triple.O.G

    Triple.O.G Active Member

    Hi guys, I've not been on here for a while due to selling my A4 and driving company cars ever since. I'm now looking at spending up to £20k on a car early next year and I'm torn between the S5 and the RS4, I wondered if you guys could shed some light on this for me.

    its not so much about how they look it's more about running costs and smiles per miles.

    i only do 26 miles per day on my commute so petrol is not too big an issue hence looking at V8's, I suppose what I'm trying to decide is:

    do I get around an 08 plate S5 and have a nice looking, quick, fun car or do I get around an 06 RS4 and have a car that's a little older but more powerful, more fun and more expensive to run?

  2. shamus_mcd

    shamus_mcd A7 Quattro

    I had an M5 and tbh i would be looking at the RS4. These cars are not bought for you worrying about pence per mile if so don't go there. Just my tupence worth mate from experiance.
  3. Nathan_jones2002

    Nathan_jones2002 Active Member

    I had the same dilemma until yesterday when I picked up mine...

    The 4s look a little dated to me and the 5s are stunning so I went for the S5.

    It doesn't feel as quick as my tuned s3 but wow.... What a car... I love it and do t care that it feels slightly slower.

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