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S5 US spec ECU remap?

AudiRob08 Jan 21, 2008

  1. AudiRob08

    AudiRob08 New Member

    Hello everyone! I'm Rob and going to be the proud owner of a new US spec S5 bought in Europe through the Military Sales here real soon...I hope.

    I'v test driven two already and this car is awsome. My only concern s that the US spec. S5 is limited to only 130mph because in the States we can't drive faster than 75mph without getting a ticket. Silly!

    Anyway, that's much slower than a BMW 328i with the sport package at 150mph.

    So, is there any software out there, if not in the design phase, that will bump that speed up to over the weak 130mph?

    Am I going to be going that fast all the time, you might ask? NO, but why buy a bad ass ride if it can't do past most 4cylinder cars?

    I'm planning on getting it anyway over the BMWs but still would like to tune it up a bit.

    Thanks and looking forward to chatting with you all.

  2. APT

    APT New Member

    Hi there. Firstly where are you? From the sounds of things, your in the states. If your over here (UK) and your down south then I can recommend a company, their number is 01634 730228 ask for darren. look them up they should be able to help. They sorted out my S4 when i wanted more power and the limiter removed.

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