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S5 Sportback Essential Options

warnergb7 Nov 17, 2010

  1. warnergb7

    warnergb7 New Member

    what options would you say are essential when looking at the S5 Sportback? At the minute I'm torn between buying new or there a a couple of good ex demos I've seen which are well kitted out. Some of those are a bit pricey to me but they do have some more extras than I might not order if buying from new.

    I was thinking of making sure the car had the following (would there be anything else I really SHOULD get and the big one I suppose is the drive select)...?

    Sat Nav (HDD one probably)
    B&O plus DAB
    Heated Seats
    Super Sorts Seats - think that might be standard actually
    Cruise Control
    maybe folding mirrors

    As I still can't decided between the S4 avant and the S5 sportback I'll put this same list over there too!

  2. PilotAudi

    PilotAudi New Member

    Advance Key is nice to have as is Parking Plus. Tyre pressure monitoring at £75 is a no brainer, as is Storage and Luggage pack.
  3. danjwilson

    danjwilson New Member

    Add Interior Light Pack, Bluetooth and Auto Dimming RVM for me. Your basic list seems pretty close though.

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