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S5 Sportback - Any Reviews

Yaks Apr 24, 2010

  1. Yaks

    Yaks Member

    Giving the S5 Sportback some consideration but can't find any proper reviews. All that google throws up is details from when it was released last August at Frankfurt, but can't find anyone that has driven one ??

    I know the mechanicals are similar to the S4, so is there any need to try and find an S5 SB review ? Are there any things that would make it different from a driving point of view.

    No manual option, you have to take the 7 speed S-Tronic, but I would have chosen that anyway.

    The yummy looking Super Sports seats are also standard, so the basic price difference between S4 andS5 SB is not as bad as it first seems.

    Anyone got any links or info etc to anything S5 Sportback related ??

  2. Demon G

    Demon G New Member


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