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S5 experiences and opinions?

adam12thjojo Jun 26, 2012

  1. adam12thjojo

    adam12thjojo New Member

    I came on here a couple of weeks ago asking about the S3 and with everyone's help i decided i would like one. Last night however i found out i could afford to insure an S5 and hopefully by march next year i could afford one with hopefully a little price drop haha?

    So my questions are,

    Has anybody had any experience with the S5?

    What are peoples thoughts on it?

    I have read a few reviews on Autotrader and all of them was good, 1 even comparing it to an Aston Martin Vanquish?? I would definately get a higher spec model maybe 2007 ish, so any responses are welcome.

    Cheers, Adam
  2. cjamesenorf

    cjamesenorf New Member

    I've owned one for over a year now, I'm 23 and I love it! (renewal last month was £706 before anyone asks) Running 370bhp now with mods and sounds the dogs danglies! Never had any problems, just gotta change rear break pads which have been staring at me for a week now, 08 50k bought on 40. Never heard of any common faults like I've had on previous cars. I get 20-30 mpg depending on the music is on. Never lost a jump from the lights yet, best being a Mustang.
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  3. wuta3

    wuta3 Well-Known Member

    Crikey! Who you insured with?
  4. Reload

    Reload Bird is the Word!

    I test drove one a few months ago, absolutely stunning car inside and out but, and it is a big but to me, it was just too damn civilised. You couldn't really hear that gorgeous V8 rumble from inside and it didn't feel that fast. A shame as I really wanted to like it but was massively disappointed, seemed more like an old mans car.
    In contrast I tried an S5 sportback with the V6T engine and really liked it, but the SB body style wasn't for me.
  5. cjamesenorf

    cjamesenorf New Member

    Admiral, both parents named which halves the price, stated on drive not garaged which reduces it. Don't over estimate ur millage as this will increase premium. I live in a low crime rate area, tryed a quote in liverpool to see the difference and it went to over 2.5k, but i suppose it will be all those alloys going missing! No points, no claims... dont know what else to say...
  6. cjamesenorf

    cjamesenorf New Member

    I thought the power was a bit tame when i firwst got the car, the remap puts over 50 BHP on the low down power, pulls much nicer 2k-4k now (They adjust how the valves in the exhaust manifold work adjusting the back pressure improving the power drastically). Feels like a completly different car but doesnt do much to top end so stats don't look much better. Mine had the Miltec resonated manifold back on when i bought it so cant comment on the standard exhaust.

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