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S5 braking system on A3

abpostelnicu Aug 22, 2010

  1. Hello guys,

    i was wondering if the S5 braking system will fit the Audi A3, i'm asking this because i can buy such a system for very less money, the system would include the following:

    Front Brake Discs
    Rear Brake Discs
    Front Calipers With 'S5' logo
    Rear Calipers
    Front Pads
    Rear Pads
    Front Carriers
    Rear Carriers


  2. IanMcA3

    IanMcA3 Member

    One point that I'd flag (and of which you maybe already aware) is that the centre bore on the A5 / S5 hub is 66.56mm as apposed to the 57.1mm of the A3 8p. I would assume that the hubs would need to be remachined down - or different wheels used (with what is essentially a Merc PCD & centre bore fitment)
  3. This is really sad news as i thought it would be a direct replacement.

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