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S4's At BCA

Joshie Jan 5, 2003

  1. Joshie

    Joshie Member

    Posted this yesterday on the other site - didn't realise that this site was up an running. May be of interest to those wishing to give themselves a late Christmas present!!

    There are two S4 saloons coming through British Car Auctions at Peterborough on 8 January.

    The most interting one is a 1999 V reg in Silver with only 14100 miles on the clock. Guide prices around £16500 - £17000

    The other example is in Black, 1999 V Reg with 42000 miles. Guide price around £14500 - £15000.

    Both models have Leather trim

    Auctions can be great but really does depend on the reserve.


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