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S4 Xenon's

nemo2182 May 7, 2007

  1. nemo2182

    nemo2182 Member

    Has anyone had a problem with continous flashing from other people when using there Xenon's?I have a 2000 B5 S4 and am getting pretty pi**ed with people flashing me. Wasnt sure if my auto adjust was faulty? I mean they do adjust when I turn the lights on, but they just seem to pitch real high when out on the road?Be good to hear if someone else has this problem or whether it is my car.

  2. QuantumJohn

    QuantumJohn Member


    The Xenon auto headlight level adjustment is controlled by a small box under the rear seats. I have heard of these going wrong but it is not common.

    Also the Xenon units aim can be adjusted if you have VAG-COM. You need to set the headlight beam to 'adjust' then use the nylon adjustment screws on the headlight unit and then take the beam out of 'adjust' mode.

    First step, would be to get yourself down to the MOT garage so that they can check the aim of your headlights to see if they really are to high.


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