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S4 Windscreen Washer bottle leak

heli_madken Dec 7, 2009

  1. heli_madken

    heli_madken Member

    Hi, Noticed that my washer fluid level warning was on last night so thought I would top the bottle up, as fast as I was pouring water in the top it was coming out the bottom :huh:

    With it being dark I havent investigated whats happening but the washer system is working fine with whats left in the bottle so it isnt a pipe come of etc, whats involved in getting the bottle out? is this a common thing? we did have a hard frost last week not sure if this has split the bottle

    Car is an 05 plate S4 cab, thanks for any help
  2. Aron

    Aron New Member

    Hi All, I have a similar problem.

    I can see the leak coming out of the bottom of the right hand side front wing (to the right of the wheel as you look at it). Anyone have any ideas where the leak could be coming from?

    Thanks in advance!

  3. chunky79

    chunky79 Member

    The washer bottle is behind the nearside headlight. either one of the washer motors has come out or the bottle has failed. Not sure if the bumper has to come off to change the unit though?
    Think i saw a picture of one on here in a thread called "headlamp wash retro fit" or something along those lines.
    I'm sure someone will be along to help out properly
  4. docurley

    docurley Moderator Staff Member Moderator

    Get a soldering iron and just seal it up would be better if you had a old washer bottle around to help make the patch.
  5. Woorlord

    Woorlord shifting to Hyperspace... . VCDS Map User

    Bumper does not need to come off.
    To take the washer bottle out remove the n/s front wheel and then the plastic wheel arch liner. The bottle has a top section and a bottom section with a rubber grommet sealing them together. My grommet had perished and required replacing - only noticed this when retrofitting Headlamp washers. Fitted a new seal all OK.

    Here is a PDF on washer bottle removal

    Headlight Washer Retrofit has some pictures Linked Here
  6. heli_madken

    heli_madken Member

    Thanks everyone for the responses, thats really useful Woorlord weather permitting I will have a go at the weekend and let you know what the problem was

    Cheers, Ken

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