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S4 tow bar

Dan Dec 11, 2007

  1. Dan

    Dan it's good to torque

    anyone know if you can fit a towbar to an S4 saloon?

    preferably one that you can remove the lumpy bit so you don;t see it when it's not i use?

    i guess because of the double pipes this might not be possible..


  2. arthurfuxake

    arthurfuxake Controversial & Contradictive

    It's been done by a couple of members on here. Try doing a search, I can't remember who the members were.
  3. Boat Boy

    Boat Boy All at Sea

    Hi guys try this link, www.towequipe.co.uk:respekt:

    Have used them in the past fast service and advice on the phone.
    Fitted a removable br to my A4 advant, a small cut is required on the underneath of the rear bumber, you cant see it once re fitted.
    These guys supply the same kit that audi get from the manufacturer! for lots less,I was £400, all in bar and electrics, audi wanted 700 for the bar 250 for electrics plus fitting!:scared2:

    My mate and I did it in an after noon, do recomend spending 30 min witha coffee reading the instructions!
    You MUST have the corect electics as you cand scotch loc onto the cars wiring, it F)(( the DIS/ OK system, also if the car has parking sensors fitted they get deactivated when you pug in a trailer.


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