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S4 Timing Belt Prices

s4harv Nov 19, 2003

  1. s4harv

    s4harv New Member

    Has anybody had a 80K service with cam belt done for less than £900 on a 2.7T S4 - by an Audi dealer?

    The price I have been quoted sounds very high!
  2. vw18t

    vw18t New Member

    Please dont say that you've ben quoted a cam belt change at £900?

    Its nowhere near that. I work in an Audi Dealership and i'm having mine done for less than half that. Before discount!
  3. Patrick

    Patrick Member

    They msut be quoting a load of other work along with the timing belt.

    Assuming £200 for parts and thats a lot given a belt and a tensioner/water pump. Then £75/hr thats over 9 hours worth of work.

    Well you only have to remove the front end to get to the timing belt and it certainly doesn't take anything like 9 hours to complete the job.

    I suspect they have quoted you a full 20K service which starts at approx £230. Then on top of that they may have quoted to change the brake & power steering fluid. Gearbox and rear diff oil. All this could easily come to £900.

    Check what they are quoting for.

    You can either change all the fluids/oil yourself or have a local VAG/Audi specialist do it for you.

    Audi service charges are bloody outrageous. It also annoys me that the specialist also cash in on this fact. i.e. two rates i.e. one for working on a VAG and a higher one for working on an Audi.

    Car mechanics is all the same they just get more complicated thus more time consuming. The vast majority of specialist VAG/Audi garages aren't investing anymore money on training taking a Ford mechanic to work on an Audi. I know because I've carried out extensive work on my S4. Look at excursion's achievments. I'm sure he's not seen the inside of a VAG/Audi tech training centre or garage for that matter.

    Sorry rant over. I feel your pain as next year I too will be tied to giving my hard earned to have my timing belt changed at 40k on my new RS4 if I'm to maintain the warranty.
  4. Patrick

    Patrick Member

    You haven't completed your profile with a location.

    but Jim at Star Performance in Glenrothes Scotland is doing them for about £400 last time I talked to him?



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