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S4 Spec levels

PhilMill63 Dec 18, 2012

  1. PhilMill63

    PhilMill63 Member

    Hi all, I am still looking at this S4 but now wonder if the spec is too low, my 2.0t has auto lights, rain sensor wipers, auto dipping mirror and MFSW, this S4 has none of the above but does have Bose and Nav, I guess I can retro fit some of these bits but I wonder if the spec is too low for resale? not to mention 3 owners! the car has however got really low miles and in good condition. I am in a dilemma now....

    Thoughts please??
  2. Joe_Murphy21187

    Joe_Murphy21187 S-Tronic

    Personally I would say if it's a good example of the car you want, things like auto lights, wipers and a mirror are very minor compared to everything else. If it's dark turn your lights on, if it rains turn your wipers on. And the auto-dimming mirror is an easy retrofit.
  3. g00se

    g00se Active Member

    the mfsw should be an easy fix - the 3 spoke S sports part-perforated MF leather SW was a £180 Audi option from new.. these go for about £250 2nd hand on the Bay now.. that said, i would prob pay a bit more for a B8 S4 flat-bottom jobbie :)

    cruise control / auto lights / rain sensor / auto dimming mirror, can all be retrofit by Hazzy Dayz, or some of the other guys on here.

    Audi A4,S4,RS4 8H Cabrio (03-09) - Vw & Audi Sat Nav, Bluetooth , TV Tuners, Cruise Control Installations UK

    but all the above is not cheap to do.. buy the car, and save your money for a milltek - you'll love it!! ;)

  4. PhilMill63

    PhilMill63 Member

    Well I found another with better spec. its done 63k miles but with full service history. Anybody know the car, its sprint blue, 07 with a private plate S4 PKM??


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