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S4/RS4 Bodykits

Mutinyno9 May 20, 2004

  1. Mutinyno9

    Mutinyno9 Member

    I want to get a body kit for my can and all i can every find is the RS4 body kit. I really like that kit and everything like that(grills, wheels, etc.). There is one thing i don't understand, but i can't find the complete body kit for the S4. I mean it might be sold at the dealer but i haven't checked that deep into it. Is there a place/co. that sells the S4 bodykit?
  2. docurley

    docurley Moderator Staff Member Moderator

    If you want S4 stuff then I would recommend you check out the breakers as a lot of S4 people put on the RS4 style kits so you could find a few for sale there or ebay is another good place.

    Here one links for you.

    Ebay S4 parts

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