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S4 rear ABS sensors? whats the options?

camouflage Oct 12, 2010

  1. camouflage

    camouflage New Member

    I think i have an ABS sensor issue on my 1999 S4 avant and they need replacing.

    I have looked up the part number for the rear ABS sensors (left side 8D0927807G) (right side 8D0927807F) and there seems to be no other chassis that uses these sensors unless any body else knows different?

    I was hoping there would be some thing else that uses them as the price for these sensors is stupid seeing as the front ABS sensors are used on lots of chassis and as such the price is about 1/6th of the price of the rears.

    As I under stand it the sensor has another wiring loom running through the same grommet for the auto head light leveling system and i think it could be this that is making these parts uber expensive.

    Does any body know of another sensor that can be used or am I tied to exchanging one arm and one leg at a main stealer parts counter?
  2. aragorn

    aragorn "Stick a V8 in it!" Staff Member Moderator VCDS Map User

    Is your car pre or post facelift?

    You can use a front sensor if you wish, just need to cut the wires off and splice them into the rear loom.

    Before you go changing anything though, i'd recommend pulling the CV joint, and checking the ABS ring, as they're prone to cracking.

    I had a cracked one on the TQS, assumed it was the sensor like you did, and proceeded to completely destroy it trying to get it out as it was proper siezed, only to discover that the reluctor on the end of the CV joint was in two pieces. After replacing the CV joint, I ended up using a front sensor, with a pre-facelift copper shim thing and spliced the wires together, and it works perfectly.
  3. camouflage

    camouflage New Member

    cheers aragorn, I was on the line of thought it could be the ABS ring on the CV but its nice to hear similar info.
    good info on the sensor as well but i think i am going to keep looking for a sensor that mounts the same way as the original with a retaining screw.
  4. I thought the rear sensor had gone on my saloon but it turned out to be the ring.

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