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S4 Qtr Mile Times and Max Speed

fatarnie Aug 31, 2004

  1. fatarnie

    fatarnie New Member

    Tested my S4 on the runway at RAF Brize Norton Sunday as I had a few runs left and it was raining so I couldn't run my Caterham.

    S4's performance was frankly dissapointing.

    Its got a QST 310bhp chip plus a Miltek and it managed 14.2 over the quarter which is OK I suppose except the engine ruins out of boost at around 4000rpm and sounds all harsh and thrashy. Same problem effected top end where it only pulled 142mph (GPS - Speedo read 151) over 1.5 miles.

    It makes a great tow car pulling the & on a Brian James A series (aboutr 1 tonne all up)with relative ease and achieving 22mpg at a constanmt 70mph cruise.

    What do others get in terms of qtr mile times?

    I rather expected to be getting at least 160mph on the runway.


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