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s4 power delivery

curtis11 Aug 5, 2007

  1. curtis11

    curtis11 Member

    hi guys got a test drive in a s4 that i am thinking of getting and was not impressed with the performance , the power delivery was so smooth . is this the way the standard s4 goes , i had a remaped 1.8t and the power came in with a good bang but the s4 doesnt even feel like its a turbo
  2. Olly_K

    Olly_K Administrator

    the B5 S4 power delivery is very smooth, small KO3 turbos spool up very quickly giving lots of torque, but run flat higher up the rev range. They run 265bhp as standard, remapping with make this about 320bhp and will make the car a bit more lively.

    But yeah, its normal
  3. GSB1

    GSB1 Member

    Smooth yes. But a smooth kick if you like. If you didn't think it was a turbo there was something wrong!
  4. shineydave

    shineydave Member

    agreed. it should go ballistic about 3k up to 5.5k. if you have a 1.8T and weren't impressed there's definately something wrong with it
  5. mwarrey

    mwarrey Member

    There are quite a few things that will blunt the performance of an S4, MAF, Split throttle boot, DV's, F Hose etc. A lot of these things are relatively easy and cheap to sort out, some however are not.. (e.g. Turbo's and CATs). If you are not impressed with the performance of an S4 compared with a 1.8T, there is something wrong with it. I have both and there is no comparison performance wise.

    I would read up a bit more about the S4 and what can go wrong with them and be a bit more sure of what your buying. A "cheap" S4 could soon turn into a very expensive S4 as a few people on here have found out!.
  6. curtis11

    curtis11 Member

    i have now bought the car and it does go well, but i was expecting more boost from the turbos, my 1.8t still felt quicker because of the sudden increase in boost. but i had that a couple of years ago, had a wrx subaru and a supra since then. so maybe i remember it to be quicker than it was .
    it still kicked the **** off my m8s b6 3.0 quattro.

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