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S4 or RS4?!

stoakseya4 Nov 25, 2006

  1. stoakseya4

    stoakseya4 Active Member

    Was wondering if I could guage opinion from guys who know more about these cars than I...

    I was until today thinking of getting a B6 S4 with my budget of c£20k. And with that I could get a reasonably tidy 03/53 saloon or avant with c35-60k miles.
    However I've just checked Trader and noticed you can actually get the B5 RS4 for that money and have seen a couple on there with c50k miles on X Plates?

    Now assuming they all stack out with service history etc etc, what you you go for?

    I'm now torn about the RS4 which I'm leaning more towards. They're both the same re insurance. The RS4 is slightly better performing although both amazing. The RS4 allows more options tuning I guess due to have the Bi-Turbos.
    Fuel consumption on both would be similar although the S4 I guess slightly better. Tyre wear the same? Service costs similar?

    Any other differences I should know about??

    Cheers !!!
  2. Andyuk911

    Andyuk911 New Member

    shame nobody answered, unfortunately I don't know
  3. stoakseya4

    stoakseya4 Active Member

    I was quite surprised that noone did to be honest as well.
    Thanks to you though!

    I have had quite a few PMs with Olly K, who has given me loads of advice actually, which has been really useful.

    I'm away from Sunday till the New Year, so will be having a good think about the whole car situation then.

    My only reservation on the RS4 has been on purchasing a car with (in my opinion) relatively high mileage. I know they're great engines with rock-solid build quality and as there were only ever 400 brought into the UK, they were/are generally only owned by enthusiasts, so are pretty well looked after as a rule.

    Love the sound of the V8, along with its newer feel and features, but the Avants just don't look anywhere near as aggressive/sporty as the RS4. I think my 1.8T S-Line looked sportier than a S4 Avant!

    Cheers all the same...
  4. I would say the MPG on the V8 S4 will be significantly worse than the Bi turbo Rs4 despite the Rs4 being more powerful...... this due to the S4 being a 4.2 all the time where the Rs4 is just a 2.7 when pootering about. yey will consume more fuel and air when on boost.
  5. SteveS

    SteveS S6 avant

    i reckon the depreciation will be better on an rs4 because they are older and quite rare. i think the later s4 is still dropping in value.

    ARCHIE New Member

    Hi mate,

    I had a similar situation myself recently, for some time now i have been awaiting the arrival of the new S3, i stumbled across this site whilst gathering as much info as possible on the new vehicle and quickly realised as you have that there is negligable differences in cost between the RS4 and the 4.2 V8, once i realised that the new S3 was no more agressive looking than my Mothers S Line Sportback there was no other option to go for other than the RS4, shallow i know going for the aggressive look but thats not the only reason, "honest"

    I,m not sure how i went from a 3 door hatch to 5 door estate but there you go, i,m absolutely loving the car its a 51 plate low mileage car, i,m sure the hatchback wouldn't have given me the grin factor that this car gives me, i,m pretty sure i,ll never find out now.

    For the reasons you have stated, 2.7, turbo, tuneability, bombproof V6, are the considerations i also made when comparing the B5 & B6,

  7. ZeroK66

    ZeroK66 Member

    Sorry only just seen this post.

    THe B6 S4 will offer refinements in the way of easy driving... light clutch, light steering... a car you will prefer to potter to work in.

    The RS4 will offer MUCH better fuel economy, much better performance, be rarer, hold its value better, offer upto 470BHP for relatively little money (Remap, exhaust, injectors & pump ~2k?). The v8 S4 you are quite limited. All about what you want...

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