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S4 Oil usage

newtoS4 Feb 27, 2007

  1. newtoS4

    newtoS4 New Member


    I am new to this site, so hello to all.
    I have just bought a 2000 plate S4 avant and was wondering how much oil you would expect the engine to use between services.
    It has had it's oil done (and service) every 10,000 but there is no record in the service history for top ups.
    Have had it a week so far and already driven from Dorset to the Cairngorms and back. Loving it.

  2. jcb

    jcb Active Member

    depends how well the engine and turbos are....
    no more than a top up every 1000 miles
  3. ZeroK66

    ZeroK66 Member

    Had this discussion recently over on www.rs246.com (many many many B5 S4 owners there) and seemed quite varied. My car uses none, but is relatively low mileage and well maintained. Most say upto 1l per 1k is okay... my 2.8 quattro though used about a pint every 2nd fill up which is about 1l per 1k.

    Just keep an eye on it, hopefully you have one that does not use much.

    Have you had a healthcheck yet? MAF, boost leaks and Diverter Valves MUST be checked... I will say it again MUST BE CHECKED by a 2.7T specialist... someone that knows the engine, not just any "specialist" or dealer. My car was sold to me by a dealer as in perfect condition... I didnt know any better, took it in to MRC tuning, MAF was under reading 10%, one of my diverter valves was duff - and I had a boost leak developing which eventually cost me a set of turbos.

    After having those bits fixed, car was faster, smoother and more economical... remember what I said... IT MUST BE CHECKED :p - this will ensure many happy and safe miles. And get a remap :D
  4. newtoS4

    newtoS4 New Member

    So far it is using about .5l for 2000 miles.
    I have a full history of services by AMD and QST, divertor valves changed 10,000 ago and and I spoke to both garages who reckoned car okay.
    It has 73000 on it and I have the cam belt service booked for next week...
    Thanks for your help
  5. ZeroK66

    ZeroK66 Member

    Nice, hope they check it for air leaks and check the MAF too while they have it in.

    Seems if AMD and QST have looked after it it has probably had those checks already... but deffo worth making sure they do them.

    Hope you have many happy miles ahead of you :D
  6. newtoS4

    newtoS4 New Member

    Hey thanks for that.
    Just got it back.
    Went for the full 80K service....
    Sp plugs, oil, filters etc.
    Plus belt and tensioners
    And belt damper.
    And water pump to be on the safe side.
    Well in for a penny..
    Oh and rear discs + pads
    And front pads
    And a few bulbs
    Cost a lot but all work done really nice.

    They are not 2.7T specialists but are trusted by many round here to fettle their toys.

    As I picked it up they were about to road test an F355 that they had done the cam belts on!

    I have history of an air leak test at 40K and a new Air mass meter and divertor valves.

    I will find someone to check it out if they didn't/can't.

    Is there an in gear acceleration time or some other simple measure to check that power is as it should be?
  7. jimp

    jimp New Member

    To the Cairngorms!! Lucky you- god made those roads for us...

    I had an '02 A4 3.0 quattro a couple of years ago and it took 5 litres over 8 months. Every time I filled it up, it needed more...

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