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Mur Jan 3, 2008

  1. Mur

    Mur New Member

    Has anyone put LPG on their car - I've had a quote of around £2 300 but I have also had`other fitters saying the space is difficult and the set up can be awkward.
    I'm doing a lot more miles than before and struggle to keep my right foot off the throttle so was hoping the gas could reduce my costs!
  2. tw

    tw New Member

    I can't comment on suitability for an S4 but I had my 1.8T converted and it's been great so far. You can switch between LPG and petrol whilst driving so can easily get back that little bit of power you lose when running on LPG, for overtaking etc. My fuel bills are at least 40% less than what they were.

    My conversion cost 1550 but 4-cyl engines are cheaper.

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