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S4 : how to drive for max performance?!

gorlor Aug 5, 2003

  1. gorlor

    gorlor New Member


    I've recently bought an S4 (year 2000). No mods added or planned. Some questions relating to how I'll get the most performance out of it...

    - at what revs do the bi-turbos kick-in? About 3.5k?!

    - does it use an electronic accelerator pedal? It feels like it does. Just never read this anywhere.

    - if I drive the car from a cold start, allow the engine/oil to reach their normal temps, and then drive the car hard, I find that it's initially less responsive. But as I continue to drive it improves slightly. Not a huge difference, but noticable. If this normal? If so, what accounts for it? Turbos heating up?!

    - air-con on or off?! Negligible I'd think given the engine size of the S4.

    - full tank of fuel, or 1/4 tank. Negligible weight difference I'd think.

    - use a performance fuel (e.g. Optimax). Probably helps, not sure how much.

    - when preparing the car for a short but quick burst of accelaration (e.g. overtaking), what revs would you aim to kick off at? Would 4k be about right in terms of avoiding turbo lag and gaining max torque?


  2. Patrick

    Patrick Member

    Hi gordon,

    I have a 97 S4 Now AMD chipped. I will try and answer your questions from my experience:

    1. I find the bi-turbos kick in much earlier than 3.5K rpm. Just after 2 I've not paid to much attention but I'd say about 2.5K. That was one of the main ideas behind the bi-turbo. i.e. smaller turbos less inertia - reduced lag, max boost sooner (I believe)

    2. The S4 thottle is a 'fly by wire system' No thottle cables to be found on these babies.

    3.I can't say I've noticed this. However you will definitely feel a difference on large changes in ambient temp.

    4. I've never noticed any significant difference with AC on or off.

    5. Correct

    6. Optimax - it's better for the engine irrespective of whether you get better performance.

    7. Establishing the optimum rpm for accelerating is some what subjective and I'm sure will vary from car to car and certainly from standard to chipped. I find with my chipped car that reving anything past 5200rpm is a waste of time as the turbos have run out of puff. The best advice I can give is to take a systematic approach to establish what the optimum rpm is in each gear as this will vary from gear to gear.

    Enjoy /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/groovy.gif

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