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S4 Goodyear Excellence

SonicDeathmonkey Dec 22, 2009

  1. I had to put 4 new tyres on the car and they had an offer on goodyear excellence. Never heard of them before.

    I do lots of miles, so long lasting counts more than grip.

    Had Avon ZZ something (3?) and they were long lasting
    Had BF Goodrich which were gash
    Michelin pilot sport were expensive, but very long lasting

    So I wonder what the cost per mile of tyres alone is, for each brand.
  2. AndyMac

    AndyMac Moderator Moderator

    Cost per mile = high for tyres that actually work and low for shyte that lasts forever and provide no discenible grip whatsoever. It's always a trade off, grip vs wear. Goodyears offer a reasonable amount of both for sensible money. Or you can go with super soft very grippy like Yokohamas, or teflon coated Dunlops that will do 60k miles most of it wheelspinning in the dry in 3rd.

    DEEJAY TQS Member

    i read loads of reviews before picking my tyres and the goodyears seemed to get a lot of mixed reviews, one that kept creeping up was poor grip, one person said they were dangerous when they are half worn, and that was some one owning a a4, but it depends on what you can afford,and the purpose of use.
  4. orb

    orb Member

    I run Michelins, I always have. They seem to last well and if you go for the more expensive ones you get top notch grip too.

    My track day car runs Toyo 888's and Eagle F1's - Both awesome.

    My company car has Conti's on. I will say these are pure pish!
  5. aragorn

    aragorn "Stick a V8 in it!" Staff Member Moderator VCDS Map User

    Craigs S4 had conti sport contact2s on the front and it was understeer central, especially in the wet.

    Its got eagle F1's all round now and its much better.

    Our A4 has Eagles on the front and Uniroyal Rainsport2's on the rear. I've used rainsports previously and found them pretty good, maybe not quite up to the eagles in the dry, but better in the wet. I recon the eagles did somewhere between 10 and 15k but decided i'd try the rainsports out hence they went on the back at the last change.

    I'd rather pay a bit more for a tyre that gripped but didnt last, because you dont know when you will actually NEED that extra grip.
  6. mwarrey

    mwarrey Member

    I have always had Pilot Sport on my S4, find them pretty good balance between grip\wear. Just had some more fitted (£113 each at Harries Bros). I have pirelli p6000 on my A4, better wear but not as grippy as the Pilot Sports
  7. Blue_Thunder

    Blue_Thunder Well-Known Member

    I used to have some very cheap budget tyres on the S4 previously (Event). Managed to do 15,000+ miles on them with very little visible wear.

    They did very nearly kill me on a number of occasions though... but if you want mileage at the expense of grip...

    Seriously though, I managed to not kill myself pushing over 400bhp through them. So as awful as they were, they would probably be up to the job you want from them. Think I paid £200 for the set!!
  8. phoenixv6quattro

    phoenixv6quattro staylowmovefast

    I put on Dunlop sport max on all 4 corners a few months back. Best tyres I've ever had and thats including the F1's I had on a Supra, Rainsport 1's/2's (although they are the best wet tyres IMO)on a Saab aero and pilots I've had to name but a few. Highly reccomended.
  9. I'll have to see what these goodyears are like: Ditch-finders or not.

    I do mainly motorway miles these days and since our baby arrived, I drive like miss daisy (see recent posts on 350+ per tank).

    Saying that, the rear diff is being replaced today. While it's been on it's way out, I've been reluctant to push the car hard. Perhaps I will drive it like it's stolen once the diff is sorted, needing all the grip I can get!
  10. Nige P

    Nige P Member

    I fitted the GY Excellence to the Mrs A3 1.8T last summer. First impression was how much quiter they were to the Kumho's they replaced, then on a damp sunday morning I did a trial emergency stop and again, was amazed that none of the wheels locked up or abs kicked in! Mind you, have been noticing somewhat more sliding going on the last few days with the snow & ice :)
  11. aragorn

    aragorn "Stick a V8 in it!" Staff Member Moderator VCDS Map User

    Eagle F1's dont work in the snow. They're positively useless.

    You may as well be driving around on slicks.

    But then they are a summer tyre!

    Its a strange issue though, because while people might have tried a few different tyres over the years, they might not have tried them all on the same car. In phoenix's example above for instance, hes had F1's on a supra and is basing his experience of them on that car, but an audi might drive completely different on them, due to the steering geometry, weight, power etc. Your also loath to "try" something new, as if they are cack, they're either stuck on there for 15k, or you have to remove them and buy something else, so people tend to stick with what they know.

    One thing i did notice with ours, is that the rainsport2's have a silly bulgy sidewall like poverty spec tyres, whereas the eagles have a very stiff flat sidewall. I persume thats due to the size (205/55/16) and that the RS2's would have a reinforced sidewall on a 225/40r18 for instance, but its going to make the tyre feel completely different to drive on, and might mean that the tyre actually performs worse in that size.

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