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S4 Gearbox issue......

nemo2182 Nov 16, 2007

  1. nemo2182

    nemo2182 Member

    Recently my gearbox seems to have issues changing to 2nd. Now this only happens when the engine is cold, when up 2full running temp, car behaves its self. I recently had my car tuned, and it seems to co-inside with that.

    It seems that when cold, the gearbox is notchy when shifting. now if you change below 2000rpm, its generally ok, but anything harder creates this notch when shifting. Im worried that im doin damage everytime I shift.....I had the gearbox oil changed recently and that mad the gearbox smoother, but didnt cure problem. and like I say, when warm, there is no problem.......I've thought about adding a stability bar to the gearbox, so that it doesnt shift so much under accelaration (with the added torque from remap), but I dont think this will cure it, also Im getting a short-shifter kit fitted to reduce the throw, Another idea was that slick gearbox additive....... ANy ideas or people that have had this problem would be appreciated. this ONLY happens 1st to 2nd!!!Help me!!
  2. andybnwc

    andybnwc Member

    You csan try to realign the shifter mech , just remove gear gator and you will see the mech with allen bolts clamping to the shift rods try loosen of a bit and go from 1st 2nd and back a few times keep sliding the plates till this becomes easier if at all then re tighten and check all gears for smoothness , think i seen a write up for this when fitting a short shift may be on b&M website i will try find it
  3. Blue_Thunder

    Blue_Thunder Well-Known Member

    It's a common issue with S4 gearboxes. Nothing to worry about at the moment. You'll probably find that when you fit the short shifter, you won't notice it so much because all of your gear changes will become notchy!
  4. nemo2182

    nemo2182 Member

    Thanks for your help. The weird thing is if the car is off and I engage the clutch, the shift between 1st to 2nd is fine, it is purely under load when the car is moving........
  5. Markey

    Markey Active Member

    When the engine is under load it will move slightly inc the gearbox this can sometimes move make these problems more apparent as you are experiancing.

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