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S4 front bumper washer caps.

matttrs Sep 21, 2011

  1. matttrs

    matttrs Member

    I started a thread on this recently but, when I ordered them they were wrong.
    I have searched all over for b6 S4 front bumper washer caps/covers and found a few part nos.

    I was linked to these, but the part number is too short apparently
    26 Cover Cap Primed (L) 1x 8E0 955 275 D �8.24
    26 Cover Cap Primed (R) 1x 8E0 955 276 D �8.24
    and found these but they are wrong, they look right but aren't the correct size or width.
    right 8E0955276BRGU
    Left 8E0955275BRGU

    can anyone help, as I want to get it painted and fitted"!

    The parts guy at audi bedford has no idea either.

    If i found a reg off pistonheads from an S4 would he be able to trace the part number in the system
  2. mr-scriv

    mr-scriv New Member

    i have a brand new s4 bumper and caps ill check the part numbers on monday when im back if you hvent got them by then

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