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S4 Front Brake disks

imported_cononcars Sep 28, 2004

  1. Hi Folks,

    I am looking for cross drilled brake disks to replace my front disks on my 98 S4. I have found replacement rear disks no probs, but I'm struggling to find fronts.

    Are the front disks on the S4 the same as the S8?? Or are they the same as one of the A8 range? I can find black diamond cross drilled disks for the A8 and S8 models for reasonable money and would like to buy these if they will fit, any info muchness appreciado.

  2. DavidR

    DavidR Active Member

    Why do you want drilled discs? Because they look pretty, or because you want to upgrade your brakes. If it is any reason other than the former then I wouldn't bother. My S4 ate OEM front brake discs causing radial cracks within 10k miles, I fear that a drilled disc would be much worse. There is no easy way to upgrade the front brakes on the S4 cheaply. New pads will just increase the wear on the discs (esp if drilled) and will not aid cooling. I used stoptechs on my S4 with good effect, but the sheer mass of the s4 vs speed means that the brakes will always take a pounding.
  3. David,

    My standard disks have started to warp, a symptom which I know will just get worse.

    I know from experience that black diamonds are made of sterner stuff and if I can get cross drilled ones, then they'll look the part aswell.
    I would imagine if a disk has been developed for the S8, where the speed weight issue would be even greater, then they would fare relatively well on the S4???

    What do you mean when you refer to stoptechs? Discs?, pads?, or both?


  4. Markey

    Markey Active Member

    Cross drilled are good especially at getting rid of heat to avoid brake fade. The grooved ones are good at those and also stop the pads glazing, but the eat pads like crazy.

    I would definately go for drilled and if you have the money then go for the porsche conversion.

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