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S4 Error Codes?

SonicDeathmonkey Apr 3, 2005

  1. While away in Amsterdam for the weekend, I left my S4 with Sinclair Audi, Swansea, for a service.

    Just got home to find the receipt for £250 and a list of error codes thrown up by the engine management.

    Can anyone shed some light on these?

    3 fault / notes detected

    16538 Po154 035
    O2 sensor circuit, bank2-Sensor1
    no activity detected

    17536 P1128 035
    Bank1, mixture adaption ( Mult)
    system too lean

    17528 P1120 035
    Bank2-probe1, heating circuit
    open circuit

    Audi told me if I have problems with the performance, let them know and they will check if the errors, which they cleared, have returned before finding out what is wrong.

    Anyone else had these problems?

    If so, what caused it and how much does it cost to fix?

  2. Well, the car has now started to "stutter" when accelerating hard.

    Anyone know any decent tuners in South Wales who could diagnose and fix it, relatively cheap?

    No way am I paying the robbing gits at Audi to sort it...
  3. Kevint

    Kevint Active Member

    [ QUOTE ]

    17536 P1128 035
    Bank1, mixture adaption ( Mult)
    system too lean

    [/ QUOTE ]

    I saw something very similar when one of my lamda probes went.

    Car would drive fine one day, like a pig the next.

  4. mwarrey

    mwarrey Member

    Sorry, can't help with the error codes but have you already checked out the "normal" things that go wrong with the S4, i.e split throttle body boot, diverter valves, F Hose and the MAF ?.

    My S4 went through an Audi "multipoint check" and all the above (except the F hose) were later found to be faulty and changed under warranty. Maybe some of these faults could be causing your error codes ?

    I would recommend Vince at Mosleys in Llandeilo for tuning\ fault finding and I used him a lot for my Golf. However as their rolling road cannot cater for 4 wheel drive and as the biturbo is an engine that even most Audi dealers don't see that often, I would try a specialist like AMD or Dialynx, both quite a journey from Swansea but maybe the quickest fix.

    I have always found Melvin at Sinclairs in Swansea pretty good whenever I have had a problem with my cars.
  5. Well, looks like it will be going back into Sinclair to get it all sorted. Can't be ***** driving all the way to AMD or somewhere then waiting around for a day or so while its fixed....

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