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S4 Dial Illumination

Spr0cket Mar 10, 2008

  1. Spr0cket

    Spr0cket Member

    Just received my new cable (thanks Ross tech for such prompt service again).
    I'm trying to select the illumination for my dials and needles to be constantly illuminated regardless of light activation. Had it on previous S4 and just like the white light of the needles and clocks even in daylight driving.

    Vehicle in question is an '05 S4 Cab.

    Anyway, changing the adaptation under channel 19 of the display module 17 is not giving the desired results.

    Changing the 1st digit to the values listed on Ross tech guides works as documented except for "3" - if I code the first digit to 3 the needles illuminate but no dials - dials work fine as coding the 1st digit to 2 proves.

    Now the balloon help in Vag com mentions something about dial illumination (2nd map) if coding 1st digit to 3. What is second map referring to?

    Anyone come across this adaptation challenge before or has any ideas if something else interacts with this given setting?
  2. evilscotsman

    evilscotsman Space Cowboy

    I think its to do with the country selection for your car mate, try enabling drl's as per canadian settings, that might light the dash up with the ignition?

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