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S4 buying guides? A4 selling price?

AudiB7Jay May 18, 2013

  1. AudiB7Jay

    AudiB7Jay Active Member Audi A4 S-line owners group Team Aruba Blue TDi saloon Manual

    Hey guys, the time has come already after 8months of owning my 1st audi as my 1st car im wanting an upgrade :)

    Currently have a Audi A4 B7 1.9TDI (115) - Revo stage 1, Coil-overs Wrapped roof, mirrors, Front plate holder, lights front and rear, and rear boot bit. interior LED upgrade. double DIN symphony system with wheel controls, Immaculate inside and out, recently had £230 spent on her in professional detailing by Deep Shine Detailing. only done 10k miles since ive had her all motorway mileage, FSH all that, still has over a years warranty and free MOT and servicing on it. she now sits at 92k on the clock, doesnt smoke atall (been run on Vpower and nitro+ since ive had her. what sort of price would i get for her?

    Ive been looking at a 53 plate S4 B6 4.2l V8 (dream engine), ive found one on 70k for £4600, what kind of things do i need to look out for?
  2. Molnboman

    Molnboman Well-Known Member

    Ya lucky thing....check the HJ website out...am sure some members will beg to differ, but a full service history totally essential one would think. That sounds very cheap but then everything is cheap compared to prices over here. Check all the bad bits on here" Audi A4 B6 2001 - Car Review | Honest John

    Good Luck,
    ps: Did your Mrs just inherit a petrol station by any chance?
  3. AudiB7Jay

    AudiB7Jay Active Member Audi A4 S-line owners group Team Aruba Blue TDi saloon Manual

    Thanks for the link :), any more advice is welcome :)

    aha unfortunately not :p that would be epic once i had a S4 :D
  4. ASC

    ASC Member

    Hello. The biggest fear for anyone with an S4 is more than a few seconds timing chain rattle on start up. Most S4's rattle but only for a few seconds. If the timing needs done it's expensive (thousands!). Aux radiator's leak, rocker cover gaskets leak, there is a coil pack campaign (check with Audi if they've been done) if not Audi will do it for nothing as long as your chassis number qualifies so not a big deal. FSH is obviously preferable. Check what oil service it's been on (Longlife or regular changes), Audi say Longlife is fine, 99% of owners put the car on regular changes like every 5-10k.. Depends on how you drive of course.
    These are just a couple of the bad things but loads more info on SRS/RS246/Audizine.. It will pay to know as much as poss about these cars so do your homework.
    They are thirsty f*ckers for fuel and oil and if anything goes wrong engine wise it's not going to be cheap. Will help if your DIY is good.. ;)

    On a positive note, they are great cars to drive with an amazing soundtrack (especially with a sports exhaust) and with a few suspension and engine tweaks they will keep up with most things on the twisties, not bad for a 2t luxury car!
  5. g00se

    g00se Active Member

    I echo what ASC says re oil... in 20 yrs of driving, i have never had a car which uses so much. i do drive like a bit of a pest, and when you stick a few revs thru the big lazy V8, it burns it quick. i prob put in about a litre every other month, and carry some round at all times.

    the FSI RS4 V8 is supposed to use much less


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