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S4 B6 and Revo

Dan Apr 4, 2008

  1. Dan

    Dan it's good to torque

    So anyone else done it yet?

    If so what numbers have you got it set to?

    The place i got it done has set it to 6-2-4

    from reading around, seems like 9-5-9 would be better...
    (running on shell v-power obviously tho)

    Any comments or help would be interesting to hear, guess this isn't specific to the S4 but maybe most of you guys have got turbo's which is different to me, which would mean some very different settings.

    so lets hear what you've got :o.k:
  2. JamesS4cab

    JamesS4cab Well-Known Member

    I'm interested in how well the Revo re-map took as read some good and some bad things about their maps?? (I have an S4 as well....!)
  3. Dan

    Dan it's good to torque

    very well to be honest. didn't take very long, but a noticeable amount of power increase at low revs. seemed to smooth any jerkyness round town as well.

    and i'll probably get flamed for suggesting it, but the fuel economy is slightly better on long journeys... :unsure:

    so i'd recommend it..
    i did go and buy one of the tuning switches too(the Select+ switch), which you don't actually need unless you want to play with the settings, which i did a bit, just changed the throttle response to be a bit sharper (i think..)
    but the standard settings seem pretty good, but i'll stand corrected if any other users want to comment...

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