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S4 B5 Avant Tailgate Solenoid problems????

s4best4 Jan 25, 2010

  1. s4best4

    s4best4 Member

    Hi There, not sure if anyone can help, but my S4 Avant has today developed a very strange and slightly worrying problem with the tailgate release. I haven't driven it for 2 weeks, but today got in and as soon as i turned the ignition hey, i could hear the actuator for the tailgate release operating, and this shows on the dash. I closed it, and it then opened again as i sat in the car. I closed it again and drove for a couple of miles, and when i was in a traffic jam, i heard it unlock again!
    Im assuming there may be some damp in the car so i got the heater on full and hope this sorts it out. Driving home, i could hear the actuator going off Everytime i stopped and even did it when locked when i was shopping!

    Any ideas would be very welcome as i did try to do a search to see if this had ever happened before, but that seems to be not in use at the mo....
    Last edited: Jan 25, 2010

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