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S4 Avant upgrades

jbee3 Sep 29, 2013

  1. jbee3

    jbee3 Member

    Hi there

    Just got my first 'S' Audi and am just blown away, it ticks so many boxes. Wondered if anyone else has gone down the retrofitting route? I've got a fairly basic spec S4 Avant (Late 2009). Luckily it's got the standard interior light pack (keep discovering little lights that i didn't know exists like inside the door handles!), and auto lights, wipers, etc. and also the MMI 3G High / HDD nav.

    I was thinking of upgrading to B&O but it's about £1895+VAT - seems v pricey but then the sound is much better. My Allroad had it and I really noticed the difference.

    Do you think the Digital TV is any good? Anyone got this?? What about Keyless entry / MMI 3G Plus, is that like Audi's CONNECT system??

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