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S4 2.7 *DIL 5170* - Buyer Beware!

cliveh Jul 6, 2007

  1. cliveh

    cliveh quattro in the bones

    Just in case any of you guys are thinking about buying an S4 B5, read on...

    I agonised over the title of this one, including :-

    Another waste of time;
    Another heap of $hite: and
    What a *anker! [​IMG]

    I thought it best to get this up now, in case anyone is considering going to view it over the weekend, and settled on the above title.

    Where to start...??

    Well, the car is advertised on Pistonheads here : http://www.pistonheads.com/sales/195188.htm

    What the picture doesn't show is the patchwork of variations of yellows, the most obvious one being that the bonnet is a completely different colour to the surrounding panels! Shocked

    The claim in the advert that "The body work of the car is in excellent condition, and the black leather interiors' condition belies the cars age and mileage." can only be described as complete and utter bull$hit [​IMG]

    The bodywork that hasn't been badly resprayed is littered with blisters and scratches. There are cracks and scratches in the rear bumper and spoiler which the owner claimed he didn't know were there.

    The leather is well worn for a car with allegedly 117k miles (which we didnt bother verifying with Vagcom) and the interior was a tip.

    The owner had not even bothered to wash or clean the car and the general condition can best be described as shabby - the pictures in the ad really don't do it justice!

    The bodywork has clearly been subject to some fairly serious surgery, as evidenced by the poor respray work.

    Hardly worth mentioning in the scheme of things, but there is a naff boost gauge fitted in a ridiculous place to the bottom right of the steering wheel, and the DVs are the original 710Cs.

    The car can be found in Cardiff, Monmouth, or Bristol, depending on where the owner happens to be on the day.

    Verdict : steer well clear of this heap!! :jester:

    This is a factual and balanced account of our inspection - the fact that there are no positive points is because there are none.
  2. doeboy

    doeboy Member

    i spoke to this guy when he had the car on ebay. it sold but ended up on pistonheads a few days after. He was full or praise for it. Seems there's a reason it was back up for sale and still is for sale 4 days after it's lowly listing price of 5.4k
  3. cliveh

    cliveh quattro in the bones

    We spoke with this guy too before we went to see it - he's completely full of ****!

    He kept on about how immaculate it is (NOT!!!) and that this would be apparent as soon as we inspected the car - yea, right.

    He even had the audacity to bid the car up over the phone before we went to supposedly collect, claiming that others had offered him more than the asking price, including a local trader.


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