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S3 Wheel Bearing Cost - West London Near Heathrow --- Silly Price Im getting

harps21k Jan 19, 2011

  1. harps21k

    harps21k Member

    Hi Guys,

    I have a S3 2001 AMK Facelift model.

    My wheel bearing when turning left has been making a load noise... Would it be the right side bearing? As the noise is confusing me, I dont know if it is coming from the left!...

    I went to my local Audi VW specialist, but the prices he gives me are so random. He said the labour would be about 3-4 hours... The rate he charges is £45-50 per hour... Even I know that to long to change a bearing..

    Does anyone know a reliable Audi specialist, who has a good rate and is a registered garage?

    Also what rough labour costs have you guys paid? Is the part £45 from audi?
  2. Mpathe

    Mpathe 1st gear

    I got quoted £70 a side labour from a back st garage, can't remember how much I paid but no than £20 for the bearing from euro
  3. <tuffty/>

    <tuffty/> Badger 5 Edition...Its all about the flow... Staff Member Moderator Audi S3

    To change a wheel bearing the hub carrier will need to be removed and to do that requires unbolting the suspension strut, wishbone, CV joint hub bolt etc etc... that can take an hour depending how bad everything is corroded on... then the hub needs pressing out before the bearing can be pressed out... refitting is the reverse of course... 2 to 3 hours sounds plausible... the bearing at 45 quid from Audi sounds cheap.... similar price to euro car parts or they do one for 30 quid too...

  4. gavin89

    gavin89 Wana go Low gotta go Slow

    Don't forget the wheel allignment too!
    I had my driver side done, it was £45 + vat from Audi for the bearing, £200 all together with bit of discount. Not a cheap job!
  5. harps21k

    harps21k Member

    This month is really expensive... Just got my waterpump, cambelt, themostat and aux belt for about £490. Also major service with Haldex oil & filter change for £300... Now the wheel bearing... Very expensive month after christmas....

    So about £100 is about expected for a wheel bearing... My mechanic alway busy too and it hard getting the time of the day... Does anyone know any local audi mechanic (Register garage, as I have a warranty) in west london near heathrow?
  6. andymish

    andymish New Member

    This is quite a helpful information. As you can see, my sister is also having a loud annoying noise from the wheel bearing of her car. Since, we're both not quite familiar with her S3, we're kinda confused what should we do with it. Lucky, I was able to find these suggestions, I think I'm gonna have a friend of mine help me try out those things you mentioned. Anyway, thanks for sharing.

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