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S3 vs Focus RS

6monthcarman Feb 8, 2005

  1. 6monthcarman

    6monthcarman Member

    What would you say, obviously standard against standard or chipped against chipped? In both: perfomance, enjoyment and handling?

    Has anyone had a play in these two cars and what was the outcome?

    Which would be the quickest round a track or on a quarter mile drag race?
  2. DavidR

    DavidR Active Member

    Focus RS is a much more focussed drivers car. Quicker on track than standard S3s due to the handling advantage and despite all the slating in the press re the LSD and torque steer, suprisingly fast, nimble and enjoyable on the roads too...
  3. PaulJC84

    PaulJC84 Owner

    Yeah i think topgear got it round the track quicker than imprezas and R32's.
  4. NWMark

    NWMark Member

    Straight line performance very similar but on the track the Focus wins hands down.

    Much prefered the S3 on normal roads though, yes the RS was better through the corners and on a dry road traction wasnt too much of an issue, but i wanted a more relaxed car so went for the S3.

    If i was to do trackdays and have a nice A/B road commute to work things might have been different.

  5. Ade_D

    Ade_D Member

    My Cousin has a standard RS Focus and we pulled onto an empty dual carrigeway and floored it up to 120mph. I was unable to pull any distance on him at all but in the same respect he was unable to gain on me.

    Whilst i may be pushing out more horses than him he has the weight advantage over me....

    That said, i drove his RS that afternoon while there the roads were damp and i was struggling to get any kind of traction at all when i floored it. The front wheels just span everytime i attempted to accelerate hard. He was driving my S3 and left me for dust......

  6. 6monthcarman

    6monthcarman Member

    I posted this because my current car is the Focus RS, and i have had two S3s, i cant decide which is quicker, i know for certain that handling wise it feels a lot sharper, and if i drive it hard it is quicker(late braking, fast cornering, in gear acceleration) But in a straght line i'd guess that it would be about even. I love the experience that the RS gives and the fact it is more of a drivers car like David R says. I would love to have a play whether round a track, on a strip or on the roads so if anyone is up for it...

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