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S3 Tyres Pirelli Rosso 225-18-40Y Rating

MancDave Jul 26, 2009

  1. MancDave

    MancDave Member

    Chaps what is the best rubber or prefered rubber for the Audi S3 mine is sitting on the above?

    Ultra low or something had a knightmare at Kwik Fit finding one in stock?? Said they was a odd size?

    Are these what the majority are using or was these the tyres they came off the production line with?

    Just that 3 are near limit to be swapped and if there is another or better tyre i should be using i will get the appropiate put on!
  2. Dandle

    Dandle Member

    Im supprised they even out them on the S3. My 2.0T quattro came with Rossos. I got rid of them at less than 4k they were that ****(almost dangerous in the wet), my T4 with 205/50-16s Eagle F1s far out gripped the Audi with the Rossos. Once fitted with the Goodyears the Audi really did grip well.

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