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S3 Turbo Rebuild

james_S3 Apr 7, 2008

  1. james_S3

    james_S3 New Member

    I have had a noise from my S3 for a few months now and have checked everything. Its under boost and sounds like its coming from behind the glovebox. I have now checked the Turbo and there is a worring amount of horizontal play down the shaft. Like 3mm maybe more. I have no smoke nor am i loosing oil. It does still boost but does not feel like it used to.

    Can anyone suggest a company who can rebuild the turbo for a reasonable price or has anyone got a used K04 Turbo Unit?
  2. azzman88

    azzman88 Member

  3. james_S3

    james_S3 New Member

    no that is not my car. i hve now got RS6 wheels on mine as i sold the BBS. and mine is an X reg not W. Looks very similar though!!!!!! And i am thinking of selling it but could not sell it like that so want to sort it out first.
  4. Wingnut Express

    Wingnut Express Audi sponsored by Mastercard

    I had the same issue with mine just before the car was booked in for a remap at Jabbasport, so I called around a few companies and sent mine off to rebuilt by The Turbo Centre in West Yorkshire, they are friendly and very helpful and offer a collection/delivery service which is useful & the turn around was under a week. The rebuild cost me about £360 which isn't cheap, but it was worth it, plus you get a 2 year gurantee. You can probably get another turbo on Ebay, but you pays for what you get.
    Also worth bearing in mind is that my mechanic had removed turbos from A3's before so he quoted on that, but the S3 is much more involved and he had to honor his quote.
    One of the other companies I recall were called Univeral Turbo's, but I don't have there details, either way you can google them and give a call for a quote, Good luck either way.

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